Ejection Policy

River Valley League Ejection Policy

The River Valley League, aiming for a safer and cleaner atmosphere at the ballpark, and to fulfill a requirement established by Northwest Umpires, self-imposed the following sanctions on individuals when they have been ejected by umpires. The intent of the policy is to curtail arguing with umpires, eliminate foul language and fighting by providing a penalty mechanism for managers that might control themselves and/or their more disruptive ballplayers.   The policy includes ANY ballgame played by a River Valley League team including non-league, league or playoff games.


Most ejections will be classified as a Grade A suspension.  Grade A suspensions include, but are not limited to:

  • prolonged arguing, the use of profane language

  • fighting or threatening an umpire, player or fan

  • intentionally throwing at a hitter

  • malicious contact during play

Ejections and subsequent suspensions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.     Final decisions will more than likely result in a Grade A suspension if there are questions or grey areas surrounding the incident.                   

Grade A Suspension Penalty:  

1st incident:    Suspended for three additional games.
2nd incident:   Suspended for the remainder of the season.  


For instances in which an umpire might have been “quick” in making an ejection and  when the circumstances and accounts of the ejection support an appeal, the incident may be reduced to a Grade B suspension.                                   

Grade B Suspension Penalty:

1st incident:                            No suspension
2nd incident:                            Suspended for one additional game
3rd incident:                            Suspended for two additional games
4th incident:                             Suspended for two additional games (Out for the season)

Any player that is suspended for a total of 5 or more ballgames will be suspended for the remainder of the season, including playoffs.

All ejections will require an Incident Report that summarizes the events.   Each team manager and the umpire are to provide a written report be filed with the River Valley League office within 48 hours for review.    The manager of the team that has had a player/coach ejected is responsible to see that the three written Incident Reports are submitted to RVL President Ron Beckman.  The ejected player or coach is not eligible to play or be involved in ANY game until the league has reviewed the incident.   League decisions are final.   If you have not communicated with a league officer regarding an ejection, it is suggested that you sit out the player until a decision has been made.

Suspensions apply to the next games that are on the team’s original schedule submitted in May to the league office.

The ejected player or coach must leave the ballpark immediately upon being ejected. Suspended players or coaches can attend ballgames starting the day after their ejection.   The suspended player or coach will not be in uniform during games in which they are suspended, can be in the dugout but cannot have any on-field responsibilities.